Big Boobs Spilling out of a Tiny Dress

Big Boobs Spilling out of a Tiny Dress exposing a hot areola slip!

Big Boobs Spilling out of a Tiny Dress

Big Boobs Spilling out of a Tiny Dress

20 Responses to “Big Boobs Spilling out of a Tiny Dress”

  1. I would stick my holy pole right in between those blouse clowns

  2. i dont particularly go for large breasted women but this woman is absolutely stunning. beautiful face, small thin frame and what appears to be real breasts. i am in love.

  3. thanks! this is a great site

  4. does anyone know this girls name or if she has other photos? she’s gorgeous

  5. Luvs_gret_boobs on April 4th, 2009 at 6:57 pm

    Does this gorgeous young thing want to marry me now and go home to meet mom or just satisfy me on the spot with that magnificent set that she is so innocently displaying???? Believe me she can take pride in being the reason for the puddle at my feet!!

  6. hey guys – could it be that your eyes are fixed on her boobs? she has a REALLY BIG Nose, which make she REALLY, REALLY ugly!

  7. She is known as Pure Dee.
    Best fake boobs I’ve ever seen.

  8. I’m thinking that soundstorm is a chick and is offended that men are ogling this woman. I’m a SECURE straight woman and I think this chick is gorgeous.

  9. She has great tits. Who CARES about her face?

  10. Well if a big nose came with those big tits, doesn’t matter.

  11. Luvs_gret_boobs on July 30th, 2009 at 7:33 pm

    Those boobs and how she has them on display are to die for for any normal guy. If you are hung up looking at her face you must be wearing yer ole lady’s pink granny panties.

  12. Nom Nom Nom!!!!

  13. fuck this chick is HOT HOT HOT i’d fuck her n suck them sweet tits all fucking day long

    @every1 who asked
    her name is dee, just look up “pure dee” and u’ll find a fuckload more hot pics like this one

  14. Pure Dee. =]

  15. big big big big big …………. boobies yeah hurray

  16. OMG! This girl is so hot! Id fuck all day long if she let me! She is HOT!!!

  17. id fuck this woman so hard

  18. Can some one tell me who she is or at the very least tell where I could get some more pics of her, anything would help

  19. MiniPureDee

  20. Snowman, someone posted earlier that she goes as PureDee.

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